An intelligent system designed to automate the switching on and off of a vehicle’s headlight high beams when it encounters an on-coming vehicle with illuminated headlights in darkness. The device uses Wireless technology through light sensors and dimmers without any wiring connection. Easy to install on any vehicle already built and in current circulation.

The device is composed of different components:

The TX Transmitter component.   This component is installed by means of the special mounting kit included, preferably positioned behind the rear-view mirror to afford the driver sight of the tell-tale light and access for any adjustment.


The Receiver Components RX and SX (x2) These two components are installed inside the car in the engine compartment and connected directly to the headlights.

Completing the set of components are:

  • cable fairleads,
  • adhesive windscreen mounting kit for the transmitter;
  • lithium battery to power the transmitter.

The whole set of the components also includes:

  • Cable guides
  • Car Windscreen Mounting kit of the TX transmitter component
  • Lithium battery to power the TX transmitter component


The device is easily installable in any vehicle in current circulation with either 12v or 24v battery power supply. Its operation takes places through Wireless technology using a transmitter and two receivers.

The device provides the automatic dimming of headlight high beams of the vehicle on encountering in darkness an on-coming vehicle with illuminated headlights.


Demo Video

The Manual for Use, Maintenance and Operation of the device can be downloaded here. For further information and to obtain assistance, please refer to the FAQs page or contact us by email.



The page contains important information and warning notices regarding health, safety and the correct operation of the equipment.